Capcom Leaks Reveal Resident Evil Village Release Window & More

A group of hackers called Ragnar Locker penetrated Capcom’s defences earlier this month and stole over 1TB of data. Apparently, the Japanese games giant refused to submit to their demands, resulting in the leaks of a portion of that enormous data on 4chan and Reddit.

Here are the biggest revelations to come out of the leaks:

  • Resident Evil Village is launching sometime in April 2021.
  • There will be a Resident Evil Village demo before launch, and PS5 owners will be able to download it earlier.
  • Resident Evil Village will receive a multiplayer component titled Dominion, similar to Resident Evil Resistance.
  • Netflix’s Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is launching sometime in May 2021.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is launching on PC sometime in October 2021.
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2 is launching on PC sometime in June 2021.
  • An Ace Attorney Netflix series is in the works.
  • An Ace Attorney Trilogy + Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 & 2 box set for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.
  • An Ace Attorney 7 in development, originally targeted for the third quarter of FY 2021.
  • A new shooter titled Shield, with a demo planned for September 2021 and launching sometime in March 2022.

Capcom has responded with an official press release, stating that alongside all the game details and information above, the hackers may have obtained information of 14,000 customers from the North American Capcom store, as well as the names, addresses and gender of 4,000 users from Capcom’s esports operations in the US.

In addition, the company reassured that it is safe for players to continue playing their games, both online and offline.

It’s worth pointing out that these are all based on alleged leaks obtained illegally by hackers, so none of it can be confirmed to be true. They might turn out to be true, but just take it all with a grain of salt for now.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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