Xbox Will Get First & Better Versions Of Bethesda Games

Since Microsoft announced their acquisition of Bethesda in September 2020, many gamers have been wondering if it also means that Xbox will receive preferential treatment over that on platforms owned by other companies.

We now have the answer (sort of).

During the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference on 12 November 2020 (as transcribed by Seeking Alpha), Xbox Chief Financial Officer Tim Stuart said games are either going to be “first or better or best” on Xbox Series X and PC.

He also reassured that while that’s the case, they won’t be “pulling content from platforms in one way or another”. That’s good news for PlayStation and Nintendo fans, at least.

Sure, we’re still unclear on what “first or better or best” exactly means as of now, but they probably mean that the Xbox and PC players will get early access to future Bethesda games, as well as additional benefits like special DLC or improvements.

Xbox is still looking for more studios to acquire, so it seems like we have a lot more to expect from the company in the near future.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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