[Sponsored] First Mobile Legends All Star Showmatch To Assemble Malaysian Streamers & Influencers

The first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang All Star Showmatch Malaysia will stream live this weekend at 7pm GMT+8 on 21 November 2020.

It will be the first All Star showmatch ever featuring well-known artists, such as Naim Daniel and Shalma Eliana. Other than popular streamers and influencers like Soloz, Penjahat are also invited to this showmatch to battle against each other in MLBB battlefield.

Here are the team members for each respective team:

Team Naim: Naim Daniel, Penjahat, Feekz, Le Josette, & Masterramen

Team Shalma: Shalma Eliana, Soloz, Xorn, Fiera Fendi, & Fattahzi 

In addition, players will also able to look forward to massive grand giveaways, which will take place during the live stream, where up to five million gift codes await.

Players will also get a chance to win the most valuable LEGEND skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, such as Alucard Obsidian Blade, Gord the Conqueror, and Gusion Cosmic Gleam.

All they have to do win is watch the live stream this weekend and share their feelings in the comments. If you have the weekend free, what better way to spend it, right?

Besides that, players can also check out the collaboration between Naim and Shalma in the brand new theme song “Bring it on!” specially made for the showmatch.

Last but not least, a variety of cosplay shows will also take place in the live stream.

You can catch the live stream on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok account. It will also stream live on Astro Arena and eGG Network. 

In October 2020, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang achieved another astonishing milestone. The number of downloads for this game has surpassed one billion. Players can expect a lot of exclusive in-game events soon.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang kicked off its NEXT evolution earlier this year. Earlier this month, they announced the 2020 Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI), which will take place online across five countries in Southeast Asia.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is developed by Moonton. You can download the free-to-play mobile game via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

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