Divekick and Killer Instinct Makers Announce New Melee Multiplayer Project

The name Iron Galaxy may be synonymous with ports of existing games, but they’re better-known in the fighting game community for legendary titles such as Divekick and the second/third season of Killer Instinct (2013), the best fighting game of the current generation. There hasn’t been much news coming from them since 2017 or so, but they’re now in the limelight thanks to a new project they’re doing.

Following the announcement of former Bungie Communications Director David “DeeJ” Dague joining the company and former COO Chelsea Blasko promoted to co-CEO alongside CEO Adam “PS4 Guy” Boyes, they followed it up with the announcement of a new melee multiplayer game project. Here’s a quote from Adam himself (via USGamer):

“It’s really leaning into what are our strengths as a company. Obviously melee combat is a big strength. Graphics and performance is a big strength. Online multiplayer is a big strength. So a lot of the new concepts and ideas we’re working on are sort of utilizing those strengths and those areas.”

The project has no name and release period as of yet, but given their track record with making Killer Instinct relevant again, it’s safe to say that many fighting game fans will be interested in this future galactic venture.

Author: Mr Toffee

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