World of Warcraft Designer Quits After 13 Years; Here’s Why

World of Warcraft game designer Chris Kaleiki, who has been with Blizzard for 13 years, has left Blizzard this year.

To note, he’s been there for so long that he was responsible for the game’s PvP, the monk’s class design, the Ashran zone, and more. He’s even had two characters and an item named after him.

Why leave all of that? Because he’s been unhappy with the state of the game according to a 15-minute YouTube video he posted recently. He states that the addition of Classic highlights the differences between its vision and the modern game’s, making the whole situation a little “muddled”.

Due to the reduction in the importance of guilds, the focus on players has been lost. The company has been focused on the game’s extrinsic things, progression systems and engagement, and a few others that don’t make a mass multiplayer online RPG feel like a “mass multiplayer game” but rather a single-player online game with people in it.

Here are some bits and pieces of the transcript:

“For a while now, probably too long, I’ve just been unhappy with the state of the game. I think in Classic the guild’s a big deal. To do anything at endgame you really need to be in a guild. What this does is it creates interdependence among players, where they really need each other in order to be successful. And I think this can feel really restrictive at times, but ultimately what it really does is it creates cohesion, it creates community.

Warcraft and WoW has always had a story, but lately I think in the modern game the story is just a bigger part of it. The characters and all their own dramas really soak up a lot of air in the game. Whereas I think in a virtual world, in an MMO, really the players are the story.”

You can check it out below:

Author: Mr Toffee

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