Borderlands 3’s Latest Hotfix Makes Moze’s Iron Cub Actually Useful

Moze fans disappointed by Iron Cub’s piddly damage potential are in for a treat courtesy of the latest Borderlands 3 hotfix.

Thanks to the 19th November 2020 hotfix, Iron Cub now scales to Mayhem 10, meaning it’ll do actual damage in sync with the Mayhem 10 scaling. Plus, her purple skill tree-centric Class Mod Eternal Flame will be reworded so that its bonuses are a bit more clear to understand.

Previously, Moze’s Iron Cub skill was pretty useless in dealing damage, though the purple skill that it came with was anything but. This is thanks to Big Surplus and Superior Firepower, which combines well with Fire in the Skag Den. Lord knows how much damaging this build will be thanks to the aforementioned scaling.

The 19th November hotfix also unlocks the Golden Path limited event. Basically, all story missions in Borderlands 3 will yield double legendary loot drop rates. In other words, this one’s tailored for folks starting Borderlands 3 for the first time on next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Or for folks who waited an entire year to get Borderlands 3 on discount. I don’t blame them; Borderlands 3 and its Season Passes can be a tad expensive if you do not commit to it.

Arms Race also gets a bit of a fix; there were reports of the Arms Race boss Heavyweight Harker not appearing in the designated arena, as well as bugs where items weren’t extracted at Extraction Points.

In any case, there’s a good chance the build I laid out on the video below will actually be useful. So give it a shot!

Author: Mr Toffee

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