Yakuza: Like A Dragon Guide – The Best Jobs For Each Character & More

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a daunting but fun RPG to get into. It’s got a lovely cast of characters, a ton of sidequests, an engaging main story, and a lot of fighting going on in turn-based form.

Part of the fun is the game’s Job system, where Ichiban Kasuga and company can change Jobs/Classes for different sets of abilities and skills for the situation. We figured we tell you our favourite Jobs setup for each character in the game on this simple guide.

But first: a quick cash tip.

How To Earn 2 Million Yen Easy By Just Taking Pictures Of Statues

Like the title says, you can earn a sweet amount of yen by taking pictures of all the Kappa Statues in Isezaki Ijincho via the Part-Time Hero app request. It’s automatic, so all you have to do is snap the photos (press down on the d-pad) and you’re golden.

Here are the locations (via PC Invasion):

These locations are accessible once you reached Chapter 7 in the game’s story. So it’s usually best to sort that out until you’re at that point.

The Best Jobs For Each Character In Your Party

Ichiban Kasuga

Your primary damage-dealing DPS lead. He deals damage with the best of them, so pick Jobs that let him maximize that.


Sometimes, the best Jobs for a character are the ones they start out with. Ichiban is the case here, as his Hero class lets him use his trademark bat and AoE attacks. Also, his normal attacks come with multiple hits instead of a one-off attack. He can get extra hits without the use of Mana Points (MP) from his regular attacks. That resource is really important to conserve when facing off against tough enemies and bosses in the course of the game.

Ichiban also gets the Vigor skill, which revives a fallen ally. You get this ability by levelling up the Hero Job to level 8. His other healing skills for this Job are also handy and can complement his other party member’s healing abilities.


Another great Job for Ichiban, this one also adds in multiple hits for his regular attack, and also buff up his attack and defense stats via his specials and AoEs. He also has some buffs & cures like Rolling Mix and Essence Breaknight Dance.

Protip: you should not give Ichiban Jobs that make him tank and take damage. If he bites it, you fail the encounter regardless of whether your party members are alive or not. That means you lose your hard-earned yen and have to restart dungeon progress if you’re in the middle of a run.

Ichiban Jobs Unlock Requirements

  • Freelancer – Level 1+ (Default)
  • Hero – Level 1+ (Default after story progression)
  • Bodyguard – Level 1+
  • Host – Level 1+, Style Level 3+
  • Breaker – Level 1+
  • Foreman – Level 1+, Charisma Level 3+
  • Musician – Level 15+, Kindness Level 5+
  • Chef – Level 15+, Passion Level 5+
  • Enforcer – Level 20+, Confidence Level 7+
  • Fortuneteller – Level 20+, Intellect Level 7+


Think of Nanba as your Black Mage of the group: offensive spells and casting all the way. While his default Homeless Guy Job is fine and all, you should attempt to switch him to these:


Debuffs aplenty for enemies and AoE attacks when you level this Job up.


Debuffs aplenty for enemies and AoE attacks when you level this Job up, mostly for the Cold and Burn damage type.


A great support class for Nanba since it makes him deal decent damage with his AoE music attacks and cast debuffs on enemies. This Job also gives Nanba a heal-over-time spell. This, along with Nanba’s default Healing Powder and Power Naps, makes him a great support who can take care of himself.

Nanba Job Unlocks Requirements

  • Homeless Guy (Defaut) – Level 1+
  • Breaker – Level 1+
  • Musician – Level 1+
  • Bodyguard – Level 1+
  • Chef – Level 15+, Bond Level 2+
  • Fortuneteller – Level 20+, Bond Level 3+
  • Host – Level 20+, Bond Level 4+
  • Enforcer – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+
  • Foreman – Level 25+, Bond Level 5+


The burly detective hits decently hard, but can take more punishment thanks to his high Hit Points. Because of this, tanking Jobs will fit his skillset.


Adachi has an array of close AoE shield attacks to beat down the opposition as well as take it from them. He also has useful attacks like Paralysis Prongs that can stun enemies. Coupled with his default Slick Tongue skills, he can draw enemy aggro to his direction, leaving Ichiban and others to attack without repercussion.

Adachi Jobs Unlock Requirements

  • Detective (Default) – Level 1+
  • Bodyguard – Level 1+
  • Foreman – Level 1+
  • Enforcer – Level 15+
  • Breaker – Level 15+, Bond Level 2+
  • Musician – Level 20+, Bond Level 3+
  • Host – Level 20+, Bond Level 4+
  • Chef – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+
  • Fortuneteller – Level 25+, Bond Level 5+


The best Job for Saeko should match her healing and spell-casting stats. She’s the White Mage of the group, no questions about it.


The Idol’s skills and healing/party buff abilities can help make or break a tough fight, so it’s best to get her on-board this Job to get the most abilities to complement her stats.

Night Queen

A Job that lets her deal decent damage. The elemental whips this Job opens up equipment-wise lets Saeko exploit enemy weaknesses. Still, keep this as a pocket Job you can swap out when you want to change up the party pace.

Saeko Jobs Unlock Requirements

  • Barmaid (Default) – Level 1+
  • Hostess – Level 1+
  • Idol – Level 15+
  • Night Queen – Level 20+, Bond Level 2+
  • Dealer – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+

The rest of the party members below are available after certain parts of the story, so we’ll leave this warning in case you’re still far and away from Chapter 7 onward.

Joon-gi Han


This Korean fighter starts off with the best job that deals amazing damage. You can get through most fights with his default Job abilities, so there’s really no point in switching it up. His skills affect all enemies on-screen, can exploit enemy weaknesses, and can help with endgame content. You will recruit him late in the game.

Joon-gi Han Jobs Unlock Requirements

  • Hitman (Default) – Level 1+
  • Bodyguard – Level 1+
  • Host – Level 1+
  • Breaker – Level 15+
  • Enforcer – Level 15+, Bond Level 2+
  • Fortuneteller- Level 15+, Bond Level 2+ Foreman – Level 20+, Bond Level 3+
  • Musician – Level 20+, Bond Level 4+
  • Chef – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+

Tianyou Zhao


This Chinese gangster’s default Job is the best starting Job for this new character. His Attack stats are pretty high among the cast, so keep him around as your DPS. He also has good default AoE and all-targeting attacks that deal good chunks of damage, making group encounters easy to breeze through. You will recruit him late in the game though.


Giving the Breaker Job to this guy is also a good idea, since his high Attack stats complement this offense-based Job easily. This Job will also tweak his agility stats, meaning he will attack first and usually wipe out enemies quicker than most.

Zhao Jobs Unlock Requirements

  • Gangster (Default) – Level 1+
  • Musician – Level 1+
  • Chef – Level 1+ Host – Level 15+
  • Breaker – Level 15+, Bond Level 2+
  • Bodyguard – Level 20+, Bond Level 3+
  • Fortuneteller- Level 20+, Bond Level 4+
  • Foreman – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+
  • Enforcer – Level 25+, Bond Level 5+

Eri Kamataki

Yes, the former CEO of the rice cracker company in the district can be recruited as a support party member once you get the company to the Top 100 companies of Japan list.


Eri’s default Job is actually the best for her. She deals great Slashing damage and has attacks and equipment that ignore enemy defenses.

Night Queen

This hybrid class can exploit enemy weaknesses with a variety of whips. Eri’s stats can make the most of this Job, though it puts her more in a supportive role since it prioritizes using single-target attacks.

Eri Jobs Unlock Requirement

  • Clerk (Default) – Level 1+
  • Idol – Level 1+
  • Dealer – Level 15+
  • Hostess – Level 20+, Bond Level 2+
  • Night Queen – Level 25+, Bond Level 4+

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