Disgaea 6: Playable Characters & Skills Revealed So Far

Nippon Ichi Software just revealed a lot more about Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny’s characters, special skills, and gameplay systems. Here’s a breakdown of some of them in this upcoming strategy JRPG.

Disgaea Staples

In Disgaea 6, combat is turn-based. You can fight in zany ways, like lifting and throwing party members AND enemies, as well as use team attacks.

Just like past games, you can also host a Dark Assembly where you can adjust in-game factors and conditions. Say if you want the game to have enemies drop more gold or have less health, you have to get a majority support to have that “bill” be approved.

New Disgaea 6-Exclusive Features

The game’s visuals are now in 3D. Part 6 also includes auto-battle mode and a 2x speed mode for “ease of play”. The game’s UI and menus are also streamlined so that it’s more convenient when either fighting in turn-based combat or managing your facilities and underworld HQ.

Juice Bar

Yes, you can build a healthy juice bar in your new Underworld base. This allows you to distribute experience points to allies that didn’t participate in combat. You can also distribute Mana, which you need to build facilities in your HQ. You can also use the bar to increase your character’s stats.

D-Merit Points

You can earn these points to strengthen your characters. All you need to do is complete pre-determined objectives in a battle.

New Generic Characters To Recruit

New to the Disgaea franchise are the Evil Eye and Clawed Shell. One’s a furry cow done Disgaea style who has high jumping power and high attack stats.

The other is a giant humanoid crab. Because of their hard shell and power, they have high defense and can obstruct enemy movements.

Other new generic recruitable characters include the Psychic and Armored Valkyrie.


The following generic characters will be returning in Disgaea 6: Prinnies, Zombies, Sea Angels, Dragons, Succubi, Horsemen, Winged Warriors, Warrior, Witch, Clergy, Martial Artist, Thief, Archer, Gunner, Magic Knight, Armor Knight, Lady Samurai, and Ninja.

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Evilities & Special Skills

Evilities are powerful abilities that are character-specific. They remain in effect as long as certain conditions are met. There are two types of Evilities:

  • Unique Evilities: specific to a character.
  • Common Evilities: they can be swapped in and out. You can have as many of them as long as it doesn’t exceed your character’s skill cost.

“Special Skills” consist of various skills such as attack and recovery that require you to spend SP in battle. Special Skills include character-specific skills that can only be used by a specific character, as well as magic that can be used by anyone.

  • Special Skill Spell Example: “Fire” – The first stage of fire-type magic that can deal damage with the power of fire. Special Skills can be upgraded at the Skill Shop (higher power, less SP cost, etc.), as can the range of magic-only skills.
  • Common Evility Example: “Fire Body” – Increases fire resistance by 25 percent and strengthens fire-based attacks. This is a low-cost Common Evility that anyone can learn.
  • Common Evility Example: “Zombie Revival” – Resurrects character on the Base Panel after death. (Can only be used once per stage.) While this is a Common Evility that only Zed can learn naturally, other characters can learn it by creating a Book of Secrets at the Skill Shop.

Character Evilities & Special Skills


The main character. Zombie protagonist. Has the “Super Reincarnation” ability.

  • Unique Evility: “Super Reincarnation Qualified” – Increases damage +1 percent for every Super Reincarnation. (Maximum 200 percent increase.)
  • Common Evility: “Zombie Revival” – Resurrects on the Base Panel after death. (Can only be used once per stage.)
  • Special Skill: “Thunder Rush” – A wind-type Special Skill that creates lightning and knocks back the enemy. The knockback effect pushes the attacked enemy back.

Overlord Ivar

Self-proclaimed strongest and mightiest Overlord in the universe. Quite the fool.

  • Unique Evility: “Overlord’s Dominance” – Increases damage by 10 percent for each enemy unit on the map below your level.
  • Common Evility: “Absolute Ruler” – Increases all stats by 20 percent for each ally demon unit on the map.
  • Special Skill: “Negative Burst” – The Overlord’s Special Skill that condenses and explodes despair. It can attack several targets a few spaces in front of him.


King of the Human World. As the richest man in the world, he believes anything is possible with the power of money.

  • Unique Evility: “New Money King” – Increases all stats by 5 percent for the total number of digits that make up the money in your possession.
  • Common Evility: “King’s Knowledge” – Increases all stats by 2 percent for each unit in the same squad.
  • Special Skill: “King Cannon” – A Special Skill that shoots and smashes gold bars at the enemy. It has a long range that can reach distant enemies.


Princess of Musical Land. Loves to sing whenever she cans. Well-endowed.

  • Unique Evility: “Heroine Spirit” – Increases damage dealt by ally male characters on the map by 20 percent.
  • Common Evility: “Magical Step” – Reduces SP cost for Special Skills by 10 percent for each adjacent ally unit.
  • Special Skill: “Frozen Step” – A water-type special skill in which she attacks the enemy while singing and dancing. It can attack multiple spaces in front of her.


Leader of the Rainbow Squadron Prism Rangers in Television World. Chipper and enthusiastic as all hell.

  • Unique Evility: “Hero Knowledge” – Every 1 percent HP reduction increases damage dealt by 2 percent.
  • Common Evility: “Critical Charge” – Increases critical rate by 5 percent for each space moved on that turn.
  • Special Skill: “Prism Dynamite” – A Special Skill in which she becomes the five Prism Rangers and bombs the enemy. Attacks all enemies in front of her at once.


A grand sorcerer and headmaster of the magic academy.

  • Unique Evility: “Magical Girl” – Increases single target attack power by 50 percent when equipped with a staff.
  • Common Evility: “Lamp of Life” – If you do not have enough SP to use a Special Skill, you can spend HP instead.
  • Special Skill: “Pretty Spldner” – Magical Girl Magileine arrives to strengthen all stats for three turns.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny will be out 28th January 2021 in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will be out in Summer 2021 for Nintendo Switch in English. There is no word on an English version for the PS4 version as of now.

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