Sakura Wars Mobile Spin-Off Launches This December In Japan

Fans of Imperial Revue ass-kicking, prepare your phones and third-party region-breaking apps that let you play Japanese games.

Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi, the Sakura Wars spin-off, will be coming out in Japan on 15th December for iOS and Android devices (via Apple Store and Google Play respectively). The spin-off is a turn-based mobile RPG published by Sega and developed by Delightworks.

The latest trailer from Sega details the game’s key mechanics: dialogue choices ala Sakura Wars series, unique maidens who can either fight with mechas or on their own, and the Command Line Battle system.

Basically, there are six columns in combat. Your party is on the right side while the bad guys are on the left. Your band of maidens will attack the enemy team, but whether they do so efficiently and with the maximum buffs depends on which part of the columns they’re on. There are three range types: melee, mid, and, and long. Sword-brandishing maidens are better up-close while the spellcasters are more protected and can maximize damage when at the back.

Players can also equip Spiricle Amulets to boost their maiden’s stats for combat. Naturally, the gacha element revolves around getting maidens and these amulets. Sounds like something most Asian mobile gamers will jump onto, given its art style, contemporary setting, and the involvement of mechas and demons fighting each other.

Author: Mr Toffee

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