Guess Which Malaysian Pro Gamers Are Flying Off To EVO 2021?

2020 is coming to an end, but we need at least one major piece of news to cap off the year apart from the eventual winner of this year’s Capcom Cup. So here’s one: the winners of the Yoodo FV Major Cup tournament and the Flash Vision representatives of next year’s EVO fighting game tournament in Las Vegas, USA.

On the Street Fighter 5 side of things, IAmChuan won the entire tournament with his high-level Guile play. He basically stonewalled second place winner Yoodo.FV| KOFmaster and third place winner Infinite Carnage | Fit3amir. IAmChuan won all of his matches 4-0.

On the Tekken 7 side, Yoodo.FV | Fate won 4-0 against his two compatriots: Yoodo.FV | Zaba and Yoodo.FV | Koman.

You can watch the entire replay below. Congratulations to both IAmChuan and Fate who will be flying off to Las Vegas for next year’s EVO 2021 tournament to represent Flash Vision and Malaysia.

Author: Mr Toffee

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