Doom Eternal Now Available On Xbox Game Pass; Also Updated With New Challenges

The id Software megahit first-person shooter Doom Eternal is now available for free for Xbox Game Pass owners starting 3rd December. So if you have a subscription for it, huzzah! Even better if you have an Xbox Series X | S to run it in the best resolution & framerate possible.

In addition, Bethesda and id Software also announced the new Master Level “Super Gore Nest”, available now. Basically it’s a remixed version of the same stage from the Doom Eternal campaign, with more demon types and some tweaks to make it more challenging than the original.

The update also features:

  • New unlockable cosmetics if you complete special challenges in the Master Level “Super Gore Nest”
  • A Classic Mode for the same level where you start the level with just the regular Combat Shotgun and have to earn back every gun and mod on-site. You will get the Classic Green Slayer skin if you complete this.

Doom Eternal is out now for most major platforms except the Nintendo Switch. That version is coming out next week.

Author: Mr Toffee

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