Next Dragon Age 4 Reveal Is Coming At The Game Awards 2020

The last news we received from BioWare about Dragon Age 4, or whatever the next Dragon Age game turns out to be, was back during The Game Awards 2018 and EA Play 2020 earlier this year.

That is why it’s not surprising that we’re getting yet another reveal or look at Dragon Age 4 at next week’s The Game Awards 2020, which will take place at 8am GMT+ on 11 December 2020.

4 December 2020 was Dragon Age Day, according to the official website, which you can check out here alongside many fan arts and Dragon Age-related content.

However, the Dragon Age 4 reveal will be coming just a week or so after the worrying news of former Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah and former general manager Casey Hudson leaving BioWare.

Meanwhile, current BioWare studio director Christian Dailey is being considered to replace Darrah on Dragon Age 4, but EA is still looking for a new general manager for BioWare.

In a message on the official website, Dailey said:

“Casey and Mark, who I’ve worked with over the last three years have both been such a positive influence, and I have learned so much from them.

It is bittersweet indeed.

I am going to miss working with them every day, but I know we will remain friends and I am excited for them as they embark on their next adventures.

Obviously stepping into this role on Dragon Age after Mark is a bit humbling.

Mark is someone that I look up to and is a true BioWare legend.

We all hope to make him proud as we look to deliver the best Dragon Age story yet, otherwise, we know we’ll hear about it….”

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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