Malaysia-Made Rhythm Doctor Will Be On Steam Early Access Next February

If you miss insanely addictive rhythm games with both a casual and hardcore appeal like the Rhythm Heaven series, you may want to pay attention to this upcoming Malaysian-made title from developer 7th Beat Games.

Rhythm Doctor, a PC music game that’s basically an indie love letter to Nintendo’s melodic nonsense, will be out for PC on February 2021. However, it’ll be in Steam Early Access form.

The Early Access build will feature a lot of custom levels and demo bits the team has showcased for the past year or so, but with a new story and overworld that ties it all together into a cohesive package. Plus, there will be new mechanics and new original songs, with more on the way later after its Early Access debut.

The game will be out for PC and Mac first, but the team will announce future platform plans in 2021. Check out how the game plays below; it’s a lot of crazy music rhythm sense pattern recognition but with a lot of…..zaniness thrown in.

Author: Mr Toffee

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