KKP Best Of 2020: Game #29

#29. Hades (PC, Nintendo Switch)

Supergiant Games’ Hades has turned out to be one of the biggest indie surprises of the year. While technically the game has been in Steam Early Access since December 2018, the full version of the game launched in September 2020.

It’s not by chance that the rogue-like action RPG managed to grab a whopping eight different nominations at The Game Awards 2020 this year, especially considering how good the game genuinely is.

As someone who rarely plays rogue-like games, Hades managed to suck me into its extremely replayable loop. Every single playthrough to escape the realm of Hades is an exhilarating one; each of them peeling off a bit more of the game’s fascinating story and many intriguing characters.

The gameplay is satisfying and deep. The variety of available Boons (which provides special and unique perks in combat) you can get from the characters you meet in each playthrough means that you won’t get tired of the game even after many, many playthroughs.

Oh, and the amazing music is simply the cherry on top of a very delicious package of a game. Seriously, if there’s one indie game that you want to try out this year, let it be Hades.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

Aspiring writer. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Malaysia. Comics are my passion. A gamer and science fiction enthusiast. PSN: AlleefAshaari

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