KKP Best Of 2020: Game #28

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#28. The Last Of Us Part 2 (PS4)

The Last Of Us Part 2 remains one of the most divisive games of 2020, in case you’ve been living under a rock and away from Twitter and the interwebs. However, I think the game comes close to being a worthy successor to 2013’s The Last Of Us.

You can read my 4000-word piece on the matter here for more details, but I still think that The Last Of Us Part 2 accomplished something extraordinary with its narrative. It’s more than simply a cycle of violence perpetually repeating itself, as both protagonists/antagonists Ellie and Abby are mirrors of each other.

The toxicity of pain and hate (from the death of their loves ones) caused them to push away their living loved ones and lose them in the process. Those who bothered to play the game until the end will understand that The Last Of Part 2 is ultimately about breaking the cycle of violence and overcoming hate.

As for the gameplay, The Last Of Us Part 2 features an improved and smoother combat system, albeit one that doesn’t do much to innovate from its predecessor.

You’ll like The Last of Us Part 2 if you enjoyed the same satisfying and polished mechanics from the first game. But really: you’re here to witness how two characters aren’t so far apart; how they’re the same coin but on different and violent sides.

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