This RPG From Final Fantasy Tactics’ Yasumi Matsuno Will Be In Early Access Tomorrow

A few years ago, a Kickstarter RPG project helmed by Final Fantasy Tactics’ director Yasumi Matsuno was funded for US$660,000. Fast forward to now and after the game’s buyout by publisher Little Orbit, the RPG will be out soon via Steam Early Access. Tomorrow, in fact.

That RPG is called Unsung Story, and its Steam page is available now. The game’s plot details a “77-year War in a world where songs are magical spells, and heroes must travel back in time from the victory of evil to re-sing history”. The Early Access build will feature the first chapter of the game; it showcases the ‘Harmony Songbook’ magic system and is made up of seven missions.

Players will gain access to six jobs: Mercenary, Physician, Guardian, Elementalist, Archer, and Sage. Five more chapters will follow, eventually containing 20 jobs. The game will also feature music from Basiscape’s Hitoshi Sakimoto, who is also Matsuno-san’s partner-in-crime when it comes to Tactics Ogre and Ivalice-related Final Fantasy entries.

Unsung Story will be available tomorrow on 17th December. Check out the Early Access trailer below in its 3D graphics isometric turn-based combat glory.

Author: Mr Toffee

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