Try Before You Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War From Now Until X’Mas Eve


If you are still on the fence about getting the latest Call of Duty shooter fest, Activision’s got you covered.

The publisher just announced a special free access trial session from now until Christmas Eve, meaning you can try the game out before you decide on buying it.

The playlist will be split into two, with the larger scaled Combined Arms and Dirty Bomb modes being made available from the 21st until the end. Season 1 recently kicked off with several new maps on multiplayer mode as well as a brand new battle royale map called Rebirth Island which is accessible to all on their free-to-play battle royale mode, Warzone.

In addition to that, the double XP period will also run concurrently until 21st December.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Free Access week is available on all platforms. If you are still non-committal on picking up this year’s iteration of Call of Duty, this is your chance. As for those who already own the game, perhaps this is your chance to dunk on noobs.

On a related note, check out what we thought of the game. If you are just returning to CoD and have problems catching up with these younger kids or sweaty gamers, we also have a guide for you.

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