Super Nintendo World To Hit Asia & North America In The Next Few Years [Update]

Update: Super Nintendo World’s debut in Japan is delayed indefinitely due to a state of emergency declaration in Osaka Prefecture concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nintendo launched a special Nintendo Direct video showcasing the ins and outs of Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamato takes centrestage to give the virtual tour because who else are you going to get?

The tour features a “living video game” complete with a Warp Pipe entrance, a Power Band you can use to find secrets and play various activities in, an underground maze, and a Toad-themed food place called Kinopio’s Cafe. The grand opening is on 4th February 2021, unless COVID-19 decides to eff up the world again next year.

Best of all, Super Nintendo World will be built in other existing Universal Studios branches such as Hollywood, California, Orlando Florida, and Singapore (Asia), in the next few years. Yep, that last entry will get Singaporeans beaming, since it’ll get most of Asia another excuse to visit the little red dot.

Author: Mr Toffee

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