KKP Best Of 2020: Game #20

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#20: Star Wars Squadron

2020 was the year that Star Wars was saved for most of us. If on the TV front we have The Mandalorian series, Star Wars: Squadrons was the answer for those who yearn for a starfighter game befitting of the legendary franchise.

Staying very close to its past flight sim game DNA, Squadrons was, and still is, fun as heck thanks to the multiplayer segment that just lengthens replayability. The X-Wing VS TIE Fighter duels around Star Destroyers gameplay is amplified here, and even add VR and flight stick support.

Most importantly, it had zero lootbox elements whatsoever that’s usually associated with a major EA title under a big brand. It even adds in TIE Defenders and B-Wing post-launch content. That’s free.

Honestly, I’m just surprised EA greenlit the game AND the no pay-to-win ideas here. If that does not stick to the landing for you, I don’t know what will.

Author: Kenn Leandre

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