KKP Best Of 2020: Game #16

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#16: Call of Duty Warzone

This modern warfare FPS redefined and reinvigorated not just the CoD franchise, but the battle royale scene as a whole. It brought so many new mechanics and novel ideas into the genre many thought is in its last legs.

There’s a logical reason why this game hit 30 million players within 10 days, and it may partly be due to the COVID-19. It’s because people are clamoring for a high polished and “fresh” take on the battle royale that also happens to be absolutely free. Activision finally caved in after delivering Blackout; they’re going the F2P route and are getting love and plays for it.

With new systems like the second wind “gulag” feature and the contracts that make even the best of PUBG campers think twice about their current status, developer Infinity Ward is at the top of their game in both claiming their dominance and showing guys like Epic Games and BlueHole how it’s done.

Author: Kenn Leandre

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