KKP Best Of 2020: Game #15

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#15: Valorant

Don’t let anyone tell you any different; Valorant is a breath of fresh air in the supersaturated first-person shooting game sphere.

Sure, some will label it an Overwatch copy with the shooting mechanics of Counter-Strike. But to actually straddle both elements, make it their own, and excel at it? That deserves commendation. With a colourful cast and rock-solid mechanics and modes, alongside regular content updates, it’s no wonder Riot Games decided to jump into the competitive shooter space and making it a worthy esports title.

They are currently going strong, but we feel their biggest challenge would be to maintain any semblance of it once Overwatch 2 comes out. But that’s news for another day. In the meantime, give Valorant a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Author: Kenn Leandre

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