Malaysia’s 3D Animation Scene Is Off To A Good Start In 2021…

Malaysia animation studio Monsta and Astro Shaw released a trailer of its upcoming sci-fi animation film Mechamato. And it’s looking pretty sweet action-wise; check it out below.

Mechamoto is about a kid named Amato who stumbles upon an alien destroyer bot named Mechabot who has the abilities to mechanized objects from backpacks to broomsticks. The two entities team up and bond over the course of the film and help save Amato’s hometown from otherworldly dangers, which is par on course for TV shows and animated films featuring kids and aliens. Except it’s in Bahasa Melayu, takes place in an undisclosed Malaysian city, and is animated in full force by a Malaysian studio who clearly take inspiration from old-school sci-fi anime and Western shows that are made to blatantly advertise toys.

The film will be out in 2021. As for the actual date, Monsta founder and CEO Nizam Abdul Razak said that the show’s release date will be decided and will be dependant on “market conditions and the COVID-19 case.” He also said that Monsta needs to discuss and finalize deals with partner Astro Shaw and cinema associates. Here’s hoping the whole of Malaysia’s cinema scene goes COVID-19-free so that it can experience the latest in locally-animated works.

Author: Mr Toffee

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