KKP Best Of 2020: Game #10

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#10: BPM Bullets Per Minute

Much like this year’s indie darling Hades, BPM Bullets Per Minute requires you to restart your roguelike run if you die. The kicker? BPM is a first-person shooter where you have to fire your gun(s) AND reload in sync to the game’s metal-as-all-hell soundtrack.

Part of BPM’s challenge is figuring out the rhythm of the song while you’re dodging every single enemy and projectile coming your way. It’s tough, since your chosen Valkyrie dies pretty fast, but enemies also adhere to the in-sync rhythm rule. From there on, you have to dodge and double jump your way out of harm’s way while firing back your own buckshot, plasma, or rocket launcher salvo.

Aside from that, each region of BPM’s metal Norse fantasy realm comes with its own quirks and design. Earlier levels give you space to run around and offer optional rooms with free equipment, while later areas are really cramped, have pitfalls, and some tricky platforming bits.

This, along with other Best Game of 2020 candidate Doom Eternal, is a true callback to the days of 90s fast-paced arena-shooting that’s slick with this generation’s coat of paint and sensibilities. The rhythm mechanic here also makes sure it stands out just dandy too.

Author: Mr Toffee

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