Twitch Streamers Barred From Showing Content That “Glorifies Violence” Due To Capitol Hill Raid

So much for 2021 starting off just fine.

A Twitch spokesperson said to esports insider Rod Breslau (via Twitter) that due to recent events in the US of A, streamers are not allowed to “show content that incites or glorifies violence, or shows gore of any kind” on the platform. In case you literally woke up following GMT+8 time, thousands of pro-Trump protestors have stormed Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, due to the results of the previous US elections. This happened right after an earlier rally held by President Trump.

Here’s the full statement from a Twitch spokesperson:

“We strongly condemn the violent protests at the Capitol today. Any content that incites or glorifies violence, or shows gore of any kind, is not allowed on Twitch. We do not make exceptions for newsworthiness, and we will continue to monitor and remove any content that violates these policies.”

We believe that Twitch is referring to a recent footage of a Capitol Hill Police firing a shot at a woman, among other things happening at the raid. No, we are not showing those here. This also has a lot to do with popular content creators and streamers like HasanAbi commentating on recent political going-ons including the Capitol Hill protests, breach, & its casualties.

Still, Twitch should be a bit specific with the statement above, since most video games “incite” and “glorify” violence, with some of them showing “gore of any kind”.

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