Valorant’s New Hero Is Yoru; Here Is His Kit

Valorant’s new trailer revealed not just some cool shooting, but also a new 14th hero you can play later. Here’s what we know about him so far, based on Riot’s latest info feed and recent write-ups.

The 14th hero is called Yoru, and he’s a reality-bending Japanese duelist. Here are his skills and entire kit:

  • C – Fakeout: Equip an echo that mimics footsteps when activated. FIRE to activate and send the echo forward. ALT FIRE to place an echo in place. USE the inactive echo to send it forward.
  • E – Gatecrash: Equip to harness a rift tether. FIRE to send the tether out moving forward. ALT FIRE to place a tether in place. ACTIVATE to teleport to the tether’s location
  • Q – Blindside: Equip to rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. FIRE to throw the fragment, activating a flash that detonates after it collides with a hard surface.
  • X – Dimensional Rift: Equip a mask that can see between dimensions. FIRE to drift into Yoru’s dimension, unable to be affected or seen by enemies from the outside.

How do you use his kit? Simple: by relying on the art of misdirection. Yoru can use Gatecrash to mark one location, and then zap back when needed. You can create footstep sounds to fool the enemy team to fake a push to a bombsite, when in fact you’re planning on flanking them elsewhere. You can also use Dimension Rift to turn your whole team invisible and reposition, which is paramount in case your round looks terrible. He isn’t going to win fights directly, but he can get out of a jam when needed.

As Valorant relies on players picking up sound cues to position and ready themselves for an ambush, it’s only a matter of time until a hero like Yoru has a kit that forces players not to trust their ears too much. Fans can look forward to using him when Valorant Act 2 is available.

Author: Mr Toffee

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