Valorant & Destiny Devs Team Up To Sue Cheatmakers

Riot Games and Bungie are teaming up to unleash a lawsuit against a person who has created cheating software for their games; Valorant and Destiny 2.

According to Polygon, lawyers representing both developers filed the complaint in the Central District of California court on 8 January 2021, alleging that Cameron Santos of GatorCheats is involved in “a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks”.

The lawsuit claims that Santos and the GatorCheats staff sell and distribute their cheating software through a website, email, Telegram, and Discord. The cheating software is specifically designed to go undetected by the anti-cheat technology systems of both Riot Games and Bungie.

Access to the cheating software ranges from US$90 per month up to US$500 for lifetime access. GatorCheats have apparently made “tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars” from the cheats. According to the same complaint, Valorant cheats are more expensive than Destiny 2 cheats.

The cheating software has different settings which allow players to tweak to their needs. These include an aimbot that improves a player’s aim, as well as cheats that show enemy health and equipment.

Previously, Bungie tried to put a stop to the GatorCheats with a cease and desist notice but the cheat makers reportedly notified players that while they would stop selling the cheating software, they would still support the cheating system for those who have already purchased it.

Bungie’s lawyers allege that GatorCheats is still selling the software on a private part of the GatorCheats website. Both Riot and Bungie said that damages “may amount to millions of dollars” in harm caused to the companies by GatorCheats’ software. Via the lawsuit, they want to shut down the cheating software operation.

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