Mega Man Roguelike Game 30XX Is Coming To Early Access This February

After showing off a bit of gameplay during a Steam sale event last year, developer Battery Staple Games is going all out with its 2D platforming roguelike 30XX this year.

30XX, which is basically the developer’s love letter to the Mega Man and Mega Man X series, is coming to early access on Steam (PC) this 17th February. This version of the game will feature the same beautiful pixel graphics, chiptune-inspired tunes, and a Maker Mode for players to design their own levels. The game also features both a roguelite and classic game modes, as well as co-op gameplay.

We had a go at the game last year; it’s what every Mega Man fan dreams of in their 2D pixel-based action platformer. Challenging level design, on-the-fly weapon usage, and bosses with tricky patterns to figure out; the roguelite bits where your weapons and power-ups are via luck of the draw help spice things up a tad. Check out the action below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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