KKP Best Of 2020: Game #1

For the full list of awesome 2020 games, head here. 

#1. Ghost Of Tsushima (PS4)

Ghost Of Tsushima is the Assassin’s Creed Japan game we’ve been waiting for all this time. It delivers on almost every aspect, from its satisfying combat and thrilling story, to its beautiful aesthetics & tone. And it’s from the folks that gave us the Sly Cooper franchise.

The best aspect of the game is its combat, which feels like one of the most polished and refined systems in an open-world game. You can feel every swing of your katana, and the variety of stances and tools at your disposal add even more depth.

If the base game isn’t enough, Sucker Punch also saw fit to give us one of the best multiplayer companions to a single-player game I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Of course, I’m talking about Ghost Of Tsushima Legends, which is free for everyone who owns the base game.

Even after obtaining the Platinum trophy for the base game, I jump back into Ghost Of Tsushima Legends from time to time. Nothing feels more exhilarating than fending off wave after wave of Mongols with three of your fellow Ghosts.

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