Capcom Cup Cancelled For 2021

2021 is not looking too bright for Street Fighter 5 and esports fans.

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19 worldwide, Capcom has made the decision to cancel Capcom Cup and the Street Fighter League World Championship that is scheduled for 19th February to 21st February. At least, the offline portion of it anyway. Here is Capcom’s official statement:

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19 worldwide we have made the difficult decision to cancel #CapcomCup. While we strongly believe that we could have executed a great event with limited risk to players, staff and crew, we have re-evaluated as the situation has evolved and the state of this global pandemic has heightened.”

Don’t lose hope: in its place is an online season final for Capcom Pro Tour for 20th and 21st February. The best players of the season, the ones who won an online premier, will be invited to participate in the finals. Details on this revised format will pop up on the official website in the next few weeks.

On a related note, the players who are qualified for the Capcom Cup include:

  • iDOM
  • Phenom
  • DR Mandrake
  • SKZ (Singapore)
  • Takamura
  • Daigo (Japan)
  • Caba
  • Nephew
  • Smug
  • AngryBird
  • Xian (Singapore)
  • Jah_lexe
  • Infexious
  • MenaRD
  • Gachikun
  • Jiewa (China)
  • Rumours
  • Samurai
  • Luffy

Hopefully, Capcom will start adopting rollback and at least fix up their netcode until then.

Author: Mr Toffee

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