Nicholas Cage + Five Nights At Freddy’s = Willy’s Wonderland

If you want a B-movie where Nicholas Cage battles demonically-possessed animatronics in a family-themed restaurant, Screen Media Films has you sorted.

The film distribution company just revealed the official trailer for the upcoming horror action film Willy’s Wonderland. It’s about a man who needs fast cash after his car breaks down, so he agrees to clean up a Chuck E. Cheese-eque restaurant overnight. The problem? the animatronics are killing machines. The solution? That man is played by Nicholas Cage!

There’s actually more to the film than that. Apparently, he’s offered up as part of a human sacrifice to the animatronics, and the townsfolk in the vicinity know about this and try to help him out. It’s a Nicholas Cage character; we doubt he needs any if films like Mandy are of any indication.

This 2021 film seems to have a fun, wacky, and kinda stripped-down premise powered by Nicholas Cage’s acting chops. He’s made a ton of interesting career choices; it’ll be fun to see where this film pivots when it arrives in digital distribution webapps and on-demand this 12th February.

Author: Team KKP

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