[Rumour] Naughty Dog’s Latest Game Might Be Fantasy-Themed

Everyone’s still raving on about The Last of Us Part 2, from its controversial story take to its equally controversial Game Awards 2020 clean sweep. So what’s next for its creator Naughty Dog?

We might have a hint, courtesy of the company’s senior concept artist Hyoung Nam. The artist posted three new pieces of concept art with a fantasy theme, complete with a coy message:

“Inspire from new game. You know what I’m talking about…”

The pieces are called “The Women of North”; there could be a good chance that Naughty Dog is hinting that their next game is a fantasy title involving women, dragons, and lots of slaying. Check out the sweet art below.

Not all development and concept art stuff make it into the final product, so this could be extra sketches for ideas in development. For all you know, this could be a Rings of Power reboot.  In any case, let’s hope Naughty Dog can do something other than a post-apocalyptic sad story for the PS5 in the next year or two.

Author: Mr Toffee

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