Google Has Killed Flash After 24 Years

The latest Google Chrome 88 update has officially killed Adobe Flash support for good. The reason why Adobe Flash has been discontinued is because Adobe themselves wanted to prevent the distribution of outdated, unlicensed, and potentially vulnerable software.

The death of Adobe Flash will ensure more security for online Internet users, but it also means the death of many games on the Internet. I’m sure many of us (the older ones, that is) grew up playing Flash games online on sites like Newgrounds, Miniclip, Neopets and Y8 after a miserable day at school.

While you can’t play most of those Flash games anymore, there are considerate people out there who have taken the time and effort to preserve our favourite Flash games. It’s called the BlueMaxima Flashpoint project and it’s a massive archive of over 38,000 Flash games and nearly 2,500 Flash animations.

While the Flashpoint project isn’t exactly a complete collection of every Flash game ou there, it’s still an impressive effort and currently the best way to find some of the Flash games. They’re a part of gaming history, and it’s great that we’ll be able to cherish at least a part of that, especially with the games’ industry’s tendency to look to the future and forget the past.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below:

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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