Who The Heck Is Resident Evil Village’s Tall Vampire Lady? [Update]

The Resident Evil Village trailer is turning heads, mostly because it looks promising, it’s a return to Europe, it’s utilizing some Resident Evil 4 mechanics, and maybe the most bats*** insane entry yet in a series about bioterrorism and “zombies”. Now we can add “vampires” and “werewolves” to the mix; the former especially thanks to the appearance of one very tall and towering vampire lady. She’s well-dressed, beautiful, has the internet charmed, and will probably curb-stomp you in the game.

Who is she though? Let’s break it down.

Her name is Lady Dimitrescu

According to a recent PlayStation blog entry, her name is Lady Dimitrescu and she owns the castle in Resident Evil Village. In the trailer, she is seen talking to a Mother Miranda and reveals a bit more about the game’s plot:

Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg. …because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle. When I find him… No… Yes, of course. I understand the importance of the ceremony.”

Who is Mother Miranda? Will she be the grandma figure like in Resident Evil VII’s Baker family? Is she a literal mother among her vampire brood? So many questions!

She Has A Brother Named Heisenberg(?)

In another reveal, we get to see another character who looks like a dishevelled gardener carrying a heavy weapon. That bit where Lady Dimitrescu refers to “that fool Heisenberg”? It’s probably this guy. He’ll probably act as the game’s earlier bosses.

She Has Claws For Weapons

Check out her nails. They’re looking very “Tyrant”-ey.

She Has Three Monstrous Daughters

As shown in the trailer & gameplay reveal, Lady Dimitrescu has three daughters who can transform into a swarm of insects and are pretty strong. They also brandish long skirts like Tall Vampire Lady, although not as lavish and as elegant. We’re guessing Lady Dimitrescu is going to turn into a monster late in the game.

Where have we seen bug abilities like these before? From Marguerite in Resident Evil 7. We’re guessing this insect-based “bioweapon” masquerading as superstition and folklore is related to the limbed C-virus infected monster in Resident Evil 6, or the Novistador from Resident Evil 4, or the Drain Deimos from Resident Evil 3 (both versions).

She’s Going To Be Part Of Some Ceremony

During her phone call, the Vampire Lady said she understands the importance of “the ceremony”. That’s obviously going to be the mystery surrounding Resident Evil Village; odds are it will involve Ethan’s daughter. That is the reason why you’re in some godforsaken place in Europe; to search for her.

It probably has a lot to do with the symbol we saw at the start of the world premiere: a birds nest, some wings, and a foetus of something. It may be related to Ethan’s wife Mia, who was controlled and infected by the E-Type bioweapon from Resident Evil 7. Perhaps their daughter is a hybrid of sorts.

Family Is Still A Big Theme In This Resident Evil

Much like the Baker family in Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village will have the theme of family relationships at its core. Ethan’s looking for his daughter, who may be related to said ceremony. Lady Dimitrescu has three daughters and a brother that we know of.

Lady Dimitrescu Is Eight Feet Tall (Probably) Nine Feet Six Inches Tall

According to Kotaku’s calculations, Tall Vampire Lady is bigger than a 15th-century French door. And by taking into account the way she entered the mansion at the end of the Maiden demo and the door measurements, it’s estimated that she is eight feet tall (96 inches).

Capcom officially announced that Lady Dimitrescu is nine feet six inches tall (2.9m). This includes her hat and high heels.

For comparison, the world’s tallest woman was recorded to be seven feet and seven inches. Since Lady Dimitrescu is a fictional character, it’s fine to embellish some facts about her stature.

Ethan’s Daughter Is Probably The Maiden (Update: No, She Isn’t)

There’s going to be a Resident Evil Village demo available on PS5, and there’s a good chance you’ll be playing as Ethan’s daughter as she makes her escape from the castle. Turns out, our own resident evil Alleef “Comicslord” played through the demo; you play one of the maidservants. Interesting to note, the castle owner and the Mother Miranda want to shape these maidens into “something”. The maidens here are divided into “worthy” and “unworthy”; probably as a sacrifice for the aforementioned ceremony.

She Was Inspired By Hashaku-Sama, Elizabeth Bathory, And Anjelica Huston’s Morticia Addams

RE Village art director Tomonori Takano said on IGN that Lady Dimitrescu is inspired by those historical and pop culture characters. Vampires, monsters, goth ladies from cartoons & sitcoms; the works.

“In the early stages of planning, we decided on going with [a] castle and vampires motifs. However, we did not want to be constrained by how vampires have been portrayed in various forms of popular entertainment.

We analyzed the characters and elements in the Resident Evil series so far to see if they were truly scary, or if they had become so conventional that they lost their effectiveness in scaring players.

I tried to forget the design logic of the past, and began to think about the best ways to create fear. For Resident Evil Village, we are using similar concepts of ‘Evil’ like we did in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, which was neither based on normal humans nor zombies.

I was particularly struck by comments like, ‘I want to be chased by her”.”

Resident Evil Village will be out 7th May for PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox Series. Read our first impressions here.

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