Apex Legends Season 8 Trailer Showcases Fuse & King’s Canyon Makeover

Respawn Entertainment has released a new 80s-action-movie-style trailer for Apex Legends Season 8. It showcases the new Legend named Fuse and a glimpse of the newly-destroyed version of the Kings Canyon map.

It looks like Fuse has a wrist-mounted grenade launcher, which he can use to throw explosives at enemies. He also appears to be able to drop a cluster of napalm onto the map, which sets the ground on fire after it’s been unleashed. These two attacks might be his Tactical ability and his Ultimate, but whatever his Passive skill is remains a mystery.

King’s Canyon is currently in runs after a ship crashed into it, changing the landscape and the map for players. The Apex Legends Season 8 trailer also features new weapons, such as the old-west style 30-30 Repeater rifle.

Apex Legends Explosive Holds

These are going to be dotted around the map and will contain various types of loot, in what sounds very similar to loot vaults on Worlds Edge.

Here’s how to open one:

  1. Jump into Kings Canyon, landing near an Explosive Hold.
  2. Throw a Frag Grenade, Thermite or Arc Star at the centre of the door.
  3. It opens.

These will provide more looting opportunity for players.

In an official blog post, Respawn Entertainment said:

“When the ship came crashing down, several mobile armories that were being stored in its cargo bay were lost and scattered across Kings Canyon.

Although they require security clearance to open them, crafty Legends have discovered that a well-placed ordnance can blow those doors open, granting access to weapons, ammo and valuable attachments.”

Apex Legends Season 8 will go live on 2 February 2021.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

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