Here Are Some Xbox Series Stats That’s Making The Company Happy In 2021

To say that the Xbox is having a good time in 2020 onward is an understatement.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed the following stats regarding Xbox, Xbox Series X and S, and its Game Pass numbers during the company’s most recent earnings call with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood (via Resetera):

  • The Xbox Series X and S launch has moved the most devices in an Xbox launch month.
  • The company’s gaming revenue has hit US$5 billion, making this quarter the highest ever in earnings.
  • The company has earned US$2 billion in revenue from third-party game sales.
  • The company’s Xbox Live service has hit 100 million in monthly active users.
  • The Xbox Game Pass has 18 million subscribers since January 2021, and it’s still going upward.

For comparison, the Xbox Game Pass had 10 million subscribers back in April of 2020. That’s quite a leap that’s clearly influenced by the new console launches.

The company is expecting significant demand for the Xbox Series consoles, which will face supply constraints because of the pandemic messing up production and so forth in the next fiscal quarter, according to CFO Amy Hood.

At the very least, the company is expecting revenue growth of around 40% next quarter thanks to Xbox content and services. To quote Satya Nadella:

“I’m energized by our increasing momentum, and the expanding opportunity fueled by the structural change brought about by the rapid adoption of digital technology. We are investing to meet these needs in the coming decade.”

The fact that Xbox is earning a lot from just third-party games sales means that the Bethesda buyout could mean bigger returns for the company. For more on why we thought the Xbox Game Pass was an awesome 2020 exclusive, head here.

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