King Kong Spin-Off Anime Due For Netflix; Produced By The Castlevania Folks

Short off the heels of announcing a Tomb Raider anime, Netflix is still on the animation domination train with its spin-off of King Kong.

The streaming service has announced Skull Island, a new anime series set in the Legendary MonsterVerse. The show will be produced by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind the successful Castlevania Netflix anime series. The show will feature the adventures of a shipwrecked crew, a bunch of monsters, and King Kong. So unlike Lost, there’s actual payoff and action.

There’s no release date or preview as of yet. Being an animated series, Skull Island will get the fleshed-out narrative and lore it deserves after being in that Kong: Skull Island movie a few years back. And with the Powerhouse Animation team behind it, it’ll look pretty gorgeous. Let’s hope they add more in-betweens to their non-action scenes and try not to cut corners in an obvious fashion, eh?

Author: Mr Toffee

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