Sega’s Yakuza Producer Steps Down As Company CCO

Sega’s going through some corporate restructuring, and with it some changes. A major one includes the position of the Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi.

The main man behind Kiryu Kazuma and Ichiban Kasuga’s exploits will retire as chief creative officer (CCO) of Sega (via Famitsu). He will instead serve as the company’s creative director starting 1st April. The company’s management system will be as follows:

  • Hajime Satomi – Honorary Chairman of the Board
  • Haruki Satomi – Chairman and CEO, Representative Director
  • Yukio Sugino – President and COO, Representative Director
  • Shigeru Yamashita – Vice Chairman of the Board (in charge of Amusement Contents Business HQ)
  • Shuji Utsumi – Co-COO, Director of the Board (Head of Game Contents & Service Business HQ, Project Management HQ)
  • Tatsuyuki Miyazaki – Executive Vice President, Director of the Board (Head of West Studios Business HQ, Deputy Head of Game Contents & Service Business HQ)
  • Hideo Yoshizawa – Senior Vice President, Director of the Board (in charge of Corporate Division)
  • Taketo Oshima – Senior Vice President, Director of the Board (Head of Amusement Contents Business HQ, Managing Director of MD Division)

Sega, or Sega Sammy Group in this instance, has announced an absorption-type corporate split of Sammy and Sega to “transform its business structure to adapt to the external environment” and “build an even more efficient structure for the head office operations of the Group”. This is also happening on 1st April.

Author: Mr Toffee

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