Here Are Some New Tidbits On Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2

So what’s the latest word on the eventual Final Fantasy VII Remake sequel? Well, if you like vague allusions to things, this interview from the CEDEC+ Kyushu 2020 online game conference will knock your Materia socks off (via Aitai Kimochi & Resetera)!

Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase and co-director Naoki Hamaguchi spoke a tad about Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 and what this means for future Final Fantasy games. Let’s break down the highlights:

  • The game’s focus will be outside Midgar. Since the devs gave players the best sense of gazing and exploring Midgar in detail in part 1, part 2 will replicate the exact same feeling and visual experience of the world outside of the Mako-powered city.
  • The team plans to add in twists, surprises, and new events that will “go beyond their expectations”. Since the majority of Final Fantasy fans have finished Final Fantasy VII and know the plot inside out, the team wants to create a game that “lives up to their expectations but also throws them off”.
  • While not concrete, the team are taking some inspiration from Final Fantasy XIII where the map has a few set pathways, then open up during the latter half of the game. Keep in mind that Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t a well-liked FF game.
  • There will be new devs working on part 2, with new staff being fans of the Final Fantasy VII Remake who want to be on board part 2.
  • Regarding the battle system, the team are being vague here. “Action battle” is still the keyword here, with new staff members wanting to contribute to the system and dishing out different ideas to create new surprises in said system.

Guess we can expect new and exciting things from part 2. For more on the first part, head on over to our Final Fantasy VII Remake review. 

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