Balan Wonderworld: All Unlockable Costumes In The Game [So Far]

We’ll be updating this guide with full costumes and details once the full game is out on 26th March, 2021.

If you want a throwback to a Yuji Naka 2000s platformer that hits the right notes, Balan Wonderworld might be for you. Or not; the demo is out but it’s not indicative of the final game which will be out in 2021. Still, the game plays really fun even if it’s easy.

Part of its appeal is because of the costumes. There’s a lot of them your guy/girl hero can collect in this wonderworld -about 80 of them- so here’s a list of them so far.

Tornado Wolf

How To Get: You get this at the start of the game; literally on the first stage within the first 5 minutes.


Tornado – Press X to perform a spin jump that can damage enemies and brittle blocks. The spin jump also has the power to deflect tornadoes back at enemies.

Jumping Jack

How to get: You get this within the first 10 minutes into the first stage.


Long jump – Hold X to perform an extra-long jump and get to areas that seem just out of reach.


How to get: You’ll get this on the first stage; 15 to 20 minutes after.


Stretch – Hold X to stretch the wearer’s body for a while to collect floating drops and Balan statues.

Dainty Dragon

How to get: On the first stage.


Flame breath – Press X to unleash a short burst of fire. Hold and then release X to expel a barrage of flame.

Pounding Pig

How to get: It’s on the first stage as well.


Ground Pound – Press X while jumping to perform a ground pound, which can hammer down posts and break brittle blocks.

Soaring Sheep

How to get: You get this power-up at the start of Chapter 4.


Float – Hold X while in midair to float. The wearer can even hitch a ride on gusts of wind while in this form.

Aero Acrobat

How to get: It’s on Chapter 4, Act 1.


Glide – Allows the wearer to lock on to enemies and balloons while in midair. Take aim and press X to unleash a fearsome kick.

Gear Prince

How to get: it’s on Chapter 6, Act 1.

Gear stick – Allows wearer to stick to mini gear switches. Move the left analog stick to use a switch, then press X whenever you want to detach from one.

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