God Of War Gets PS5 Upgrade Tomorrow

Sony Santa Monica’s brilliant masterpiece God Of War (2018) is finally getting a free update for the PS5 to take advantage of the new next-gen console’s powerful hardware.

It’s the best time to replay one of the best games of the previous generation, as it is also already available for free via the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 players who are PS Plus subscribers.

On the PS4 Pro version of God Of War (2018), players have a choice between two graphics modes: one that favours performance and one that favours resolution.

The God Of War PS5 update coming on 2 February 2021 will be a free patch that replaces the current video graphics mode option with a new default setting that will offer the best of both performance and resolution to PS5 players.


  • Syncs to 60 FPS.
  • 4K Checkerboard Resolution.
  • 2160p.

However, PS5 players can also go back to the original PS4 ‘Favor Resolution’ video graphics mode at any time by selecting Original Performance Experience, which will offer 4K Checkerboard Resolution synced to 30FPS instead.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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