Here’s What You’re Getting In Next Week’s Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Event

Bungie has officially announced Season of the Chosen, a new Destiny 2 chapter post-Beyond Light, and it’s happening 9th February. There’s a lot going on, so let’s highlight the best bits.


Destiny 2: Beyond Light will feature a new three-player matchmade activity called Battlegrounds, which features ritual combat against Cabal warriors. They’re under the command of Empress Caiatl. You also get a new hub called the H.E.L.M where you’ll be doing most of your Battlegrounds fighting at.

Three New Strikes

One is the Devil’s Lair, while the others is the Fallen SABER Strike, both from the original Destiny. They will go live at the season’s launch. There was supposed to be a Proving Grounds Strike planned, but that’s due later in the new season. It’ll be awesome to see classic Destiny strikes in Destiny 2 high-fidelity form. And it’ll be the first time PC players will experience these strikes from 2014.

New Exotics & Gear

New Exotic bow Ticuu’s Divination looks like a lovely Solar weapon; it charges multiple Solar arrows that can track several targets at once.

New Season Pass

Unlocking it will net you Ticuu’s Divination, Praefectus Armor Set, and a bunch of progression boost rewards and so forth.

Check out the awesome trailer below:

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