Malaysia’s Naquib Azlan Crowned Champion At The E1 Championship Season Zero

After eight rounds of gruelling sim-racing action, the E1 Championship Season Zero came to an epic close where Naquib Azlan and his team, Stratos Motorsport, was crowned driver and team champions.

The 21-year old Malaysian takes home a well-earned grand prize of US$5,000, while runners up Ayman Aqeem and Mikko Nassi take home US$4,000 and US$3,000, respectively.

The season finale was a close battle where drivers had to perform their best as crucial double race points were on offer. While Ayman Aqeem finished with the highest points in the final race of the season, Naquib Azlan was crowned champion when he finished first in both races, ending the season with a comfortable 67-point gap.

It’s no surprise, considering that Naquib Azlan has been leading the standings in the E1 Championship since it began.

Mikko Nassi who was second in the standings before the season finale came out on top during Qualifying, but ended both races in 6th place and did not get enough points to secure second. He ended the season with just a 25-point gap between second and third.

Organised by Astro’s esports and gaming channel eGG Network and former F1 driver Alex Yoong’s Axle Sports, the E1 Championship aims to provide a platform for the best sim racing drivers in Asia Pacific to compete at the highest level.

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