Xbox Game Pass Adds a Great Final Fantasy & Terrible Wolfenstein Game This February


It’s February, which means a new month of Xbox Game Pass games to enjoy for free. And we’ve got a bunch of good ones lined up.

First up, we have one of the best Final Fantasy titles in the series: Final Fantasy XII. It’s in our top 5 of best Final Fantasy games ever, if we’re counting mothership titles. This version is the Zodiac Age remaster, which means better graphics, the International version mechanics and additions meaning each of your party members are a lot more individualistic in combat skills, and rearranged music. I felt the last one was redundant: the original Hitoshi Sakimoto score was already godlike, to put it mildly. Out 11th February.

The Xbox Game Pass also gets the incredibly grindy and tedious Wolfenstein: Youngblood. While initially a fun shooter, the last entry in the Machinegames Wolfenstein titles dropped the ball here. Well, it’s not like you’re paying full price for this game, so try it out and see if the co-op dude-bro-but-girls Nazi-killing shooter is your cup of tea. Out 11th February.

Other noteworthy titles include:

Oh, and you can also play the following games on Android devices with new Xbox Touch Controls (via the Xbox Game Pass app).


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