All The Games Announced During TinyBuild Direct 2021


TinyBuild is an indie games developer and publisher best known for games like No Time To Explain, SpeedRunners and Hello Neighbor. During its TinyBuild Direct live stream earlier today, they announced several new games coming in 2021.

Expedition Zero

Developed by Enigmatic Machines, Expedition Zero is a survival horror game set in the heart of rural Siberia. Use your engineering skills to confront flesh-eating monsters as the last survivor of a Soviet scientific expedition. The unexpected meteorite crash turned the endless Siberian taiga forest into a nightmare exclusion zone.

The military bases went into radio silence, and the locals talked about the obscure flesh-eating creatures and devastated villages. The most advanced Soviet scientific team “Expedition Zero” was immediately sent to the zone with state-of-the-art research technology and mechanized protective suits. Many years later, the lone survivor of the team is still trying to find his way home.

Key Features

The demo is now available on Steam. It is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

Potion Craft

Developed by Niceplay Games, players assume the role of an aspiring alchemist who had to leave their hometown, as you wander the land looking for a new place to stay you stumble upon an abandoned cottage. From the looks of it, a wizard used to reside here long ago. You decide to make this your home and convert the place into a potion shop.

That means it’s time for you to start your journey down The Alchemist’s Path, learn the secrets of potion-making, and forge your own destiny to become the alchemist this town needs!

Key Features

The demo is now available on Steam. It is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

Despot’s Game

Developed by Konfa Games, Despot’s Game is roguelike tactics with turbo-charged battles. Build a team and sacrifice the heck out of them to rush through enemies… and other players!

A group of people wake up in a strange post-apocalyptic labyrinth—naked, with no memories and with a bunch of weapons. Is this a joke, a crazy experiment, or… a game? You’ll find out soon enough, just try not to die first!

Key Features

The demo is now available on Steam. It is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

Pigeon Simulator

Developed by HakJak Games, Pigeon Simulator is a “physics sandbox roguelite” about the world’s most notorious birds and their quest for world domination. Enjoy the freedom of being a bird, answering to no one, not a care in the world. Do what you want, when you want, wherever you want. You’re just a pigeon!

Want to poop on everything insight? Want to take people’s food? Want to steal a tank and level the town? Well, you’re no ordinary pigeon. You come from a long line of pigeons with extraordinary powers. It’s in your DNA. As you level-up, you’ll be able to activate these genes and gain incredible abilities.

But with great power, comes great responsibility. How will you create your Pigeon Paradise?

The choice is yours in this immersive sandbox simulation, featuring a rich mix of hand-crafted content and procedurally generated elements to create a unique experience each time you play.

The demo is now available on Steam. It is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

Not For Broadcast

Take control of the National Nightly News as a radical government comes to power. In this immersive, high-pressure, propaganda sim, you control what the people see and determine what’s Not For Broadcast. The live stream revealed that Episode 2 is now out on Steam.

You can also check out the entire TinyBuild Direct presentation below:

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