We Could Have Received A Star Fox Claymation Project From CollegeHumor In 2015, But….

Here’s more news to prove the dinosaur stance of Nintendo, as well as the chief reason why the 2015 Netflix Zelda adaptation was cancelled.

In an attempt to spread out in film and TV property like it did in the early 90s, Nintendo was going to release a Star Fox claymation project, led by Shigeru Miyamoto and produced by CollegeHumor. We’re talking Fantastic Mr Fox-style featuring Fox McCloud, Slippy, and Falco dogfighting apes & aliens in space.

In a Serf Times interview with CollegeHumor host and creator of the show Adam Ruins Everything, Adam Conover, he said that the potentially awesome project was cancelled after his previous boss mentioned that the Netflix live-action Zelda show was leaked by, well, Netflix. The streaming service probably did this in a misguided attempt to create buzz, unaware of how Nintendo would react to this.

Nintendo was annoyed by the leaks that they decided to go scorched earth and cancel their IP adaptations, including the Star Fox claymation project. You can hear the full podcast excerpt from 39:47 onward.

Basically, both Netflix and Nintendo are in the wrong here. Netflix should have just kept their PR mouths shut while Nintendo should not be disheartened by just a single leak. It’s like as if they were still butthurt about the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie which was eons ago. We would say get over it, but most video game industry companies, be it game makers or even certain game peripheral hackjob companies, love to bear ill will and hold grudges because of a fatal combination of pettiness and close-mindedness.

Author: Mr Toffee

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