It’s Official; Codemasters Approves EA Takeover

Late last year, EA announced that they were going to acquire Codemasters. Now, the studio’s board of directors have finally voted in favour of approving the acquisition (via PC Gamer), which means that EA’s takeover will be official by sometime in Spring 2021.

EA previously topped Take-Two’s initial bid for Codemasters with a whopping US$1.2 billion bid. After buying Codemasters, EA affirms that they planning to use Codemasters to propel themselves to becoming “a global leader in racing entertainment”, churning out annual releases of racing games.

Right now, EA only releases new racing games every few years with the Need For Speed franchise, the latest of which was 2019’s Need For Speed Heat by Ghost Games. It’s important to point out that Formula OneDiRTDiRT RallyGridProject CarsNeed for Speed and Real Racing are now under one roof.

Codemasters is best known for its racing games, such as the annual F1 franchise and Dirt series, the most recent of which was Dirt 5 (check out our review here).

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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