Final Fantasy XIV’s Next Expansion Sends Players To The Moon

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Square Enix has announced the “final” expansion in the long-spanning Final Fantasy XIV online series.

The expansion is called Endwalker (update 6.0) and it will conclude the Zodiark & Hydaelyn storyline. On the moon. No, really.

Despite the finality being highlighted in the Final Fantasy XIV presentation, the game won’t be shut down and end so soon. Beginning with patch 6.1, FFXIV will start a new adventure post-Zodiark/Hydaelyn storyline, with more DLC and expansions planned. Producer Naoki Yoshida will still continue helming FFXIV post-Endwalker.

The expansion will introduce two new classes. The first one is the Sage, a barrier healer type class who supports the party in a stylish fashion.

The second class will only be revealed later in 2021 in the digital Final Fantasy XIV fan festival (on 15th May), but it looks like it’ll be a melee DPS type.

The version 6.0 update will include the following features:

  • A level cap increase to Level 90.
  • New areas: Radz-At-Han, Thavnair, Garlemald.
  • A new tribe called the Matanga (a race of Arkasodaras).
  • A new enemy called the Anima, whom you may recognize in Final Fantasy X (Seymour’s summon).
  • A major update where you can visit friends on different data centers, meaning that you can play with your pals regardless of what server they are on, even if they are in a different region.
  • A new residential district called Ishgard.
  • An Island Sanctuary where you can cultivate the lonely island, raising your own animals, and farm your own harvests. Naoki Yoshida said this is FFXIV’s slow living activity.
  • A new 8-person mount: the Lunar Whale. Yes, you get to ride a space whale.

The expansion will be out on Fall 2021, with update 5.5 coming 13th April. On a related note, Final Fantasy XIV will be available on the PlayStation 5. The open beta starts on 13th April.

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