EA Will Decide Anthem’s Fate Later This Week

EA will reportedly decide the fate of BioWare’s Anthem in the near future. The publisher will decide whether it’s worth it to reboot Anthem or if BioWare should just stop working on it.

According to Bloomberg, EA executives plan to review the latest version of Anthem this week. The project to revamp Anthem is currently being worked on by 30 people, but developer BioWare apparently requires approximately 90 in order to finish the rework on Anthem and add new content.

Later this week, EA will decide whether to invest the necessary time and resources to the Anthem project or just scrap it all away altogether. Anthem was dead on arrival in 2019, criticized for its shallow and repetitive gameplay with none of the developer’s once trademark genius for epic RPG games. One year from its initial launch, Bioware announced that they were hard at work ‘redesigning’ or ‘reinventing’ the game, planning for a ‘relaunch’ in an attempt to emulate Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14.

BioWare already has other games that they should focus on, like the new Mass Effect game and Dragon Age 4. Those are the games that they should be diverting more time and resources to. Let sleeping dogs lie, and let a bad game stay buried. Let’s move on towards better and more deserving games. Not all IPs can be salvaged.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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