Street Fighter V Winter Update Stream Showcases Rose & Dan’s Movesets

The latest Capcom stream showcases new Street Fighter V updates, most notable two new characters from the Season 5 pass and a new battle mechanic. Let’s break it down:


The Italian magic gypsy makes a return in Street Fighter V as Menat’s boss. She retains most of her Soul powers from past Street Fighter games, though with some updates:

  • Her anti-air doesn’t make her jump this time around; she uses her scarf while on the ground.
  • Her V-Skills include tarot cards (for V-Skill 1) and her Soul Satellite from SFIV (V-Skill 2). The former powers up her moves while curses her target, while the latter gives her some form of one-hit protection until she gets hit.
  • Her V-Triggers make her warp around the screen (V-Trigger 1) and summons a bunch of illusions for multi-hit combo purposes (V-Trigger 2). I’m guessing with her moveset and (hopefully) untouched crouching MP, V-Trigger 2 will see the most play.
  • She still has Soul Spirals as combo-enders, as well as a Soul Punish move that places timed “Soul mines” that act as trap moves.


We now get to see more of the Saikyo master’s moves and usefulness.

  • His V-Skill 1 allows him to cancel out of each special move. His V-Skill 2 makes him do a unique attack, but you can actually cancel that move to another special move. However, if you fail to cancel it, his V-Skill 2 will leave him wide open.
  • Essentially, Dan’s taunts are now high-level canceling moves for expert players who want to chain special moves with a supposed joke character.
  • His V-Trigger 1 is a super fireball that can be charged. A fully-charged fireball can multi-hit and wall bounce an enemy, though you can just cancel to it after a confirmed hit and just let it go uncharged.
  • His V-Trigger 2 powers up his Gadouken and Koryuken, opening up a ton of combo possibilities.
  • His Legendary Taunt is still a thing.


Because a lot of people complained about how defensive options in SFV are limited, the developers are bringing in V-Shift. This new skill is a special backdash that consumes V-Gauge. You cannot throw or hit an opponent while he/she is in a V-Shift invincible state. If an opponent lands a wake-up attack or anything similar when V-Shift is activated, this initiates a slow-motion bit with both fighters and make the activating character invincible AND able to pull off a unique V-Shift-Break attack that homes in onto the opponent.

This attack will knock them down, put some distance between them, and puts the activator in an advantageous state, meaning your opponent cannot quick rise from the attack. While this is a much-needed defensive option that’s arguably superior to V-Reversals, this move can also be baited by high-player players, much like how a Guilty Gear/Blazblue Burst can be baited.

Premium Pass

Capcom also announced a Premium Pass & Character Pass. The former costs US$39.99 (with more stuff + character Season 5 Pass)) while the latter costs US$24.99 (with less stuff, but still the Season 5 character pass). To alleviate fan’s concerns, Eleven is going to be a bonus character in the Season 5 pass; he’s basically a random select character, mimicking a random fighter in the roster while retaining its creepy white colour scheme. Which means that final SFV character slot is still unannounced.

But enough about that: check out these new Premium costumes, including the return of Cammy’s doll outfit.

Street Fighter V‘s Season 5 update will start off with Dan and the V-Shift mechanic, which is due 22nd February. That’s this month, so let’s hope to see an influx of SF players coming in in Southeast Asia later this month.

The Fighting Game Community Reception

Needless to say, a lot of fighting game folks are intrigued with the upcoming update and battle system additions. Top SFV player Punk said that while he’s happy with the update, this may make Dhalsim a top-tier character in Season 5. He plays Karin, FYI.

Southeast Asian Street Fighter champ RZR|Xian said that players will need to relearn everything about the game now that 50/50 situations are manageable with V-Shifts.

Here are some words from one of the best grappler pro players: Itabashi Zangief.

Here’s a comment from NASR| Big Bird:

Top European player Luffy is happy that his main is back.

Meanwhile, NVD Phenom is bummed out that there still isn’t  new costume for Necalli.

Here are more insights from the best in the FGC.

As a Birdie player, I can relate to the last tweet.

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