The Best Steam Lunar New Year Sale Deals That Aren’t BullS***

The Steam PC Lunar New Year Sale has started. You have until the 16th of February (GMT+8) to start buying the best games on PC on the cheap.

As usual, here are our top picks (priced at RM/MYR and SG/Singapore Dollars). We’ll add more titles as the days pass; it’s CNY right now and we need a well-deserved weekend break.

Katana Zero (RM19.20/S$8.70)

One of 2019’s best 2D action games featuring slowdown, rewinding, and a lot of one-hit kill slashing & styling is sold for a criminal price. With lovely pixel graphics and an ace soundtrack, this one’s a cut above the rest. 

Star Renegades (RM33/S$16.50)

Need a rogue-lite strategy RPG that’s sci-fi themed? Try out Star Renegades, now at a pretty decent 25% discount.

Torchlight III (RM41)

You could do worst than this dumbed-downed version of Torchlight II. Part 3 may not be the huge upgrade befitting of the series, but it’s still pretty fun, especially at half of.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (RM15.20)

This Warner Bros. action-adventure game is now sporting a pretty nifty price tag. If you want to see why the Nemesis System is such a valuable commodity that it’s patented legally, check it out.

Red Dead Redemption II (RM146.73)

You have one of 2018’s magnum opuses in open-world games now at a decent price, as well as an online cowboy game. Yee-haw!

Hades (RM53.20)

This action-adventure title is already a steal at full price. With a 20% discount, do not miss out on 2020’s best title featuring the made-up son of the title Greek god.

Damn, just talking about Hades makes us want to attempt another run.

The rest of the games…

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